We will be releasing 10 of our new resin Renaissance Ogres at Salute, plus will be selling some painted Warlord Games Epic ACW units

Some new releases for the coming year will be: standing baby dragon, 28mm resin elephant, upright fighting bear, large demon 

We will also be stocking a range of products from Wargames Terrain Workshop

We will be attending the following shows:

Salute - April 2023

Warfare - November 2022

Abingdin - March 2023

Exeter - May 2023

Devizes - July 2022

Plus, hopefully a couple of modelling shows in the South West

We will be bringing our own products, a selection of scenery from Wargames Terrain Workshop and also stock from our eBay store (Skygalleons) which is predominantly 40k and AOS second hand units